To remove the complexities associated with authentication, authorization and digital identity technology use and design.


A world where applications and services deliver great user experiences whilst upholding security, through the correct design and use of authX technology.

Content Manager

AuthYard was started by Simon Moffatt in 2019. A 10+ year spare-time-blog-habit, releasing articles on The Cyber Hut, resulted in being voted one of the top 100 cyber security blogs in the world in 2019 by FeedPost, racking up over 750,000 unique readers and averaging 14,000-15,000 views per month.

A ~20 year career in digital identity and access management, has resulted in not only a breadth and depth of technical, product and industry experience, but also the persistent view, that IAM technology use and selection is too complicated and time consuming.

Professional Experience: 19+ years working in the identity and access management sector – within industry, consultancy, startup vendors and global software suppliers. For reader transparency, Simon currently works for ForgeRock. No employer views are represented.

Professional Qualifications: Certified Information Systems Security Professional (2007-present), Certified Ethical Hacker (2018-present), Certified Information Systems Auditor (2010-2014) and numerous vendor qualifications from the likes of Microsoft, Cisco, Novell and Citrix.

Professional Memberships: Member of the British Computer Society, Senior Member of the Information Systems Security Association, Member of the Chartered Institute of Information Security Professionals

Professional Publications: Reviewer and contributor to NIST Special Publication 800-204, Security Strategies for Microservices Based Application Systems; Reviewer and contributor to the IETF OAuth2 Device Authorization Grant

AuthYard provides free and frequent, research, analysis and insight, focused upon authentication and authorization technologies, to help practitioners, integrators and those within industry, make more informed decisions regarding technology use and selection.

Articles are always free of sponsorship, and provide ethical, unbiased expert opinion, using OSINT (open source intelligence) and freely available data sources. The articles are provided as-is and no liability is held for the interpretation or use of information found within them.